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Reive Doig, "A Life in Transit." Michele Hall, "Gail Remembers 1947." Alix Born, "The Food Bank."


Cory Branson, "Tricycle for Change." Shannon May Craig, "Road Bingo." Karen Spears, "Bike Power."

Fairy Tales

Phyllis Graham, "The Hairy Princess." E.E. King, "A Fairy Tale." Leslie Stark, "Aflynn."


Kathrin Lake, "Siesta Sex." Mike Funergy, "Terlingua." Zed Payne, "Mexican Arrest."

2020 Contest Winners

The first, second, and third place winners of our recent short story contest, plus the first runner-up. Christopher Taylor, "Kung Fu Magic." Nat Jategaonkar, "Hungry." Stephen B. Pearl, "Elf's Truth.' Dick Cummings, "Channeling My Inner McMurphy at Key West High."

2020 Shortlist

Three runner-up stories from our second short story contest. Stephen B. Pearl, "The Single Life." Bill Burnyeat, "The Reporter." Sherry MacDonald, "Dial Tone."


Shlomo McPeake, "Feng Shui or the Highway." Al Tee, "Vampire Bob." Torsten Schoeneberg, "Brenda Craigdarroch Once Gave a Jigsaw Puzzle."

Good Deeds

Katlyn Townson, "Dreaming in Reality." Tyler Gooden, "Doug the DooDoo Bug." Bill Burnyeat, "Chicago Confidential."


Zed Payne, "Straight Man." Leslie Stark, "The Election of Ronald Dump." Dick Cummins, "Rudeness: A Small Man's Imitation of Power."


Robert Bockstael, "Her Denim Blue Eyes." Sara Marrocco, "Grocery Shop." Tyler Gooden, "A Jacket for the Crisis."


Bryant Ross, "Good Dog." Clark Antonich, "Sputnik's New Home." Bill Burnyeat, "Dog Days."


Brendan Reid, "The Tapestry." Susan Cormier, "(If I Could) Turn Back Time." Christopher Taylor, "Foiling Curses."


Griffin, "Jagged Little Melody." Ilana Labow, "Peace Train." Clark Antonich, "Sing Out Strong."


E.E. King, "The Island of Leah." Bill Burnyeat, "The Falling House that Never Falls." J.P. Lorence, "Echo."


Leslie Stark, "Drake Eats Poutine." Erin Meehakopp, "Ryan Reynolds Ruined My Life." Dick Cummins, "I'm Sorry to Say this Mr Yamamoto - But it's Unlikely He'll Be Coming Back."


Sherry MacDonald, "Hot Milk." Marylee Stephenson, "Partner of 51 Years." L.C., "The Death Threat."


Robert Bockstael, "Hurry." Dick Cummins, "The Lure of Easy Money." Jim Murray, "Lobsterman." Plus: the opening of our second short story contest.

Bottoms Up

Soo Jeong, "Natasha. " Clark Antonich, "Family in the End." Maia Brundage, "P is for Pants."


Erik Traulsen, "My Favorite Kind of Memory." T.J. Mair, "Fap Boy Slim." Jeff Rotin, "Bottom of the Ninth."

Close Call

Christine Venzon, "The Crossing." Mike Funergy, "Grandma's Wisdom." Bryant Ross, "Hottest Day of the Year."

B Sides: An Anniversary Episode

Keara Barnes, "Victoria." Leslie Stark, "The Dance of Shiva." Torsten Schoeneberg, "Brenda Craigdarroch and the Wasps." And some behind-the-scenes trivia from our first year of production.

Messages from Beyond

J.I. Harvey, "A Meeting with Unmet." J.P. Lorence, "The Deal." Lozan Yamolky, "In the Presence of an Angry Ghost."


Zed Payne, "J's Dress." Alix Born, "Picture Perfect." Bryant Ross, "The Straight Razor."


Camille Cordelia, "Plaything." May V. Wardwell, "There She Was." Kayla Glynn, "My Sixth Sense."


Keara Barnes, "The Tiger." Jim Murray, "Art Class." Jeff Rotin, "Melvin and the Ultrasound."


Dani Castonzo, "Doors Closing." Bill Burnyeat, "Arise, Ye More Than Dead." Lozan Yamolky, "A New Beginning."


Ashley Clayson, "Imperative Voice." Emily Kelsall, "The Case of the Missing iPhone." Ruth, "Screen Shot Redecorating."

Water Hazard

Kathrin Lake, "Is That You, Amigo?" Josh Silberg, "Aquadump." Mike Funergy, "Bills and Barbs."


Jessica Pigeau, "Gunshot Grandma." Bryant Ross, "Midnight Pie." Clark Antonich, "Bugs Bunny in 'Sweet Mama's Gambit'."


May V. Wardwell, "Firefly." Paul Carter, "Home." Avneet Johal, "Flying to Atlanta."

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