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Susan Cormier, "Jack in the Box." Michele Luchs, "Breakdown." Bill Burnyeat, "San Fransisco Dreaming."


Dave Berg, "Art of the Flea Market Deal." Mike Funergy, "Old Zeke and Billy Bob." Zed Payne, "The Laundromat."


Mark Fleisher, "Flowers for Annie." E.E. King, "How the Monarchs Came to Utah." Bill Burnyeat, "Blind Date."

Career Dreams

Do Dworschak, "The Ruler." Tyler Gooden, "The Heavy Kite." Karen Spears, "Library Slut."


Robley Stephen Browne, "You Know We'll Have a Good Time Then." Soo Jeong, "Emergency Kit." Reive Doig, "The Happiest Place on Earth."

Dealing with Dad

Max Langert, "Technology is Hard." Greg Bishop, "Driving Home." Geneviève Goggin, "The Frankencamper."


Shlomo McPeake, "My First Time in the Ring." Mike Sheridan, "Glory Days." Maia Brundage, "Gravol Mistake."


Liv, "Not That Kind of Club." Spillious, "Can I Go Pee Pretty Please?" Reive Doig, "Outed on TV."


Anthony Portulese, "Screech." Erin Reddekopp, "I Converted it to Canadian Tire Money." Bill Burnyeat, "Wendigo."

Single and Looking

Becky D'Ugo, "I'll Be Waiting." Emily Kelsall, "Climate Bitch." Geneviève Goggin, "OK Cupid."


Leslie Stark, "Bob Dylan Redux." Al Tee, "The Skeptic." Tyler Gooden, "My Friend, Jude Law."


Sharookh Daroowala, "Better Than Yesterday." Jennifer Martin, "Wedding Dress Trauma." Zed Payne, "The Wedding."

Just Deserts

Owen Reid, "A Bad Trip to Belgium with a Bad Boss." Soo Jeong, "The Regret." Bill Burnyeat, "Bitter End."

Precious Objects

Geneviève Goggin, "The Special Christmas Tree." Michele Luchs, "The Gift." Dick Cummins, "An Autographed Baseball Worth More Than Something Someday."


Deb VanSlet, "The Innlet." Nat Jategaonkar, "Ocean Magic." Alix Born, "Beautiful."


Bryant Ross, "Lost in the Forest." Torsten Schoeneberg, "Brenda Craigdarroch and the Glove." Tyler Gooden, "Fire Alarm."


David Hu, "Blessing in Disguise."Ash, "At My Wits' End." Geneviève Goggin, "Don't Shoot...I'm a Biologist."


Adam Szudrich, "Jake's Room." Skye Morrissey, "(untitled)." Alix Born, "The Other Wedding Dress."


Jim O'Loughlin, "Taken, or Not." Karly Pinch, "Cameron Bus Story." Melody Ann, "Babysitting Nightmare."


Emily Kelsall, "Eagle Bluffs." Eleanor Novia, "[untitled]." Kathrin Lake, "My Spiderman."


T.J. Mair, "Hair Peace." Katherine Moore, "Breaking Bald." Maia Brundage, "Truth or Hair."


Ann Burfeind, "Hamburger with my Mom." Al Tee, "Research." Bill Burnyeat, "Footwear."


Reive Doig, "A Life in Transit." Michele Hall, "Gail Remembers 1947." Alix Born, "The Food Bank."


Cory Branson, "Tricycle for Change." Shannon May Craig, "Road Bingo." Karen Spears, "Bike Power."

Fairy Tales

Phyllis Graham, "The Hairy Princess." E.E. King, "A Fairy Tale." Leslie Stark, "Aflynn."


Kathrin Lake, "Siesta Sex." Mike Funergy, "Terlingua." Zed Payne, "Mexican Arrest."

2020 Contest Winners

The first, second, and third place winners of our recent short story contest, plus the first runner-up. Christopher Taylor, "Kung Fu Magic." Nat Jategaonkar, "Hungry." Stephen B. Pearl, "Elf's Truth.' Dick Cummings, "Channeling My Inner McMurphy at Key West High."

2020 Shortlist

Three runner-up stories from our second short story contest. Stephen B. Pearl, "The Single Life." Bill Burnyeat, "The Reporter." Sherry MacDonald, "Dial Tone."


Shlomo McPeake, "Feng Shui or the Highway." Al Tee, "Vampire Bob." Torsten Schoeneberg, "Brenda Craigdarroch Once Gave a Jigsaw Puzzle."

Good Deeds

Katlyn Townson, "Dreaming in Reality." Tyler Gooden, "Doug the DooDoo Bug." Bill Burnyeat, "Chicago Confidential."

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